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Fortran Language
British Computer Society Fortran Specialist Group - Subscriber only
comp.fortran90 - Fortran 90 Specific - Subscriber only - Home Page
comp.lang.fortran - Main News Group - Fortran General Interest - News Goup Archive
microsoft.public.fortran - Fortran General Interest
slac.lang.fortran - Fortran General Interest

Other User Forums and Message Boards
Digital (Compaq) Visual Fortran User Forum
NA-Net - Several databases and contact listings which serve the community of numerical analysts and other researchers.

Miscellaneous Newsgroups
comp.compilers - Compiler General Interest 
comp.object - Main OOA/OOP/OOT News Group
comp.object.corba - OOT CORBA
comp.programming - Programming General Interest - Software Engineering - Software Development Metrics - Year 2000 - Software Testing
sci.math.num-analysis - Numerical Analysis
sci.math.symbolic - General Math (symbols, symbolism, and lots of Maple stuff)

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