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The Official Fortran FAQ
Fortran FAQ

Other Compiled Lists
Bo Einarsson's FAN - Information about Fortran.
COMP.OBJECT FAQ - Main "OO" news group FAQ at Cyberdyne.
EGCS FAQ - A Better GCC (and G77).
Fortran Library FAQ - The FAQ maintained by Fortran Library.
Fortran Market - Information about Fortran/things to buy.
Fortran 90 Home Page of Ian Chivers & Jane Sleightholme - Information about Fortran.
Fortran 90 Resources - Warren Wiscombe and Robert Pincus
Fortran Start Page - Compilation of Fortran information.  Formerly "Startkabel". - A new site from T. S. Lim of Recursive Partitioning.  If successful, this site may combine Fortran Library and similar sites into a single "mega" site.
Fusion (Nuclear) - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Hierarchical Data Format - Format Designed for Platform Independent Graphical and Numerical Data Storage and Exchange
Imagine1 - Information About the "F" Programming Language/things to buy.
On Fortran and Linux - Jeff Templon
Michael Olagnon's FAN and THE Fortran FAQ - Information about Fortran (FAQ via Fortran Market).
Michel Olagnon's site - Various compiled links and source code.
NETLIB - A Repository of Mathematical Software, Papers, and Databases
Numerical Analysis and Associated Fields Resource Guide - Steve Sullivan
Numerical Methods for Fortran Programmers - Information about Fortran - Tomasz Plewa
Polyhedron Software - Information about Fortran/things to buy.
Resources for Programming Language Research - Mark Leone, Carnegie Mellon
RS232 Communications Protocol FAQ - MarshallSoft Computing, Inc.
Smalltalk Programming Language FAQ - David N. Smith
Stanford University Intermediate Format Compiler - A Parallel Programming Research Project
The Language List - Descriptions of Virtually Any Language
The OO Soapbox - a collection of links to WWW resources related to OO Methods and Languages.
William Clodius' Fortran Tools Information and Links
X-Windows (Free) Library Interface FAQ - Garnatz and Grovender, Inc.

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