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Application Development Consultants
ALSOS - Allgemeiner Software Service - solutions for enhancing the productivity of networked UNIX workstations and multi-processor servers.
Associated Computer Experts - General, Fortran
Axian - Software Consulting and Training Including Fortran 90 and HPF
Bradly Associates - Graphics/Portable GUI Development and Interfacing with Fortran and GINO
BUSS Ltd. - Simpleplot, Graphics, Data Visualization/Display
Canaima Software - General, Fortran, SQL, Mixed Language Programming
Cypher Consulting - General, Fortran
Dash Associates - Modelling and Optimization
Eclipse Software - is a privately funded consulting and technical software development firm that emphasizes the application of modern methods of analysis to diversified problems in science and engineering. 
Expert Fortran Consultants - Conversion, Maintenance, Improved User Interface, New Development
Field Precision - Commercial and custom finite-element FORTRAN software package for electromagnetic fields, charged-particle devices, shock hydrodynamics and radiation transport.
Fortran Market Consultants Directory - General, Fortran
Garnatz and Grovender, Inc. - General, Fortran
Iverson Software Directory of Consultants - General
Lahey Computer Systems - General, Fortran
Mark Mitchell Consulting - General, Fortran
Numerical Algorithms Group - Numerical, Statistical, NAGWare, Symbolic, Visualization and Graphics, and Numerical Simulation Application Development 
Numeritek - Numerical methods, mathematical modelling, scientific computing, commercial computing and applications, consultancy, training, research, conferences, workshops.
Objexx Engineering, Inc. - Fortran migration, modernization, reengineering, and conversion to C++. Custom, high-performance scientific and engineering algorithms and software development. Fortran unit and assertion testing toolkit.
Oxford Scientific Software - General Application Development for x86/Win16/32 Platform
Pinter Consulting Services - Nonlinear Systems Modeling and Optimization, including Windows interface and integrated DSS design.
Polyhedron Software - General, Fortran
PROMULA Development Corporation - General, Programming Language Translation, Platform Migration
Purple Sage Consulting - Workshops and Consulting Services for the High Performance Numerical Computing Community
Quetzal Computational Associates, Inc. -  Dynamics of biomedical and biological systems, advanced computational science, visualization of biomedical and dynamical systems, biological physics.
Resources Computing International Ltd - Geology, mining, and related areas; open-world relational database; PC-based Fortran development.
Salford Software - Network specification and installation, Porting engineering programs from minicomputer to Microsoft Windows based systems, Design and implementation of a Windows front-end for a major Census Data Analysis program,  Cost/benefit analysis for the ongoing development of Energy Consumption Modelling software, Porting of irrigation Modelling software to Windows, Porting and development of Acoustic Modelling software.
Scientific Answers and Solutions - Provides consulting services in the design, development, and implementation of scientific equipment, custom design and development of computer-based measurement and automation systems, and data analysis and display. Also provides custom development of scientific software using FORTRAN and C/C++.
Science Soft - Porting "Legacy" Fortran Code to new Environments, Code Optimization, New Development.
Simulog - General, Fortran
Tessella - a UK-based software services company delivering bespoke scientific and engineering solutions, computer consultancy, and systems support.
Unicomp Fortran Market - General, Fortran
Valiant Technologies, Inc. - Analyzing, Modifying, Re-engineering Legacy Physics-related Code.
Web Research Company - Porting Legacy Code to Windows 95/NT.
Windward Technologies - Development and marketing of advanced numerical and visualization software technologies.
Wessex Scientific and Technical Services - Design of WorldWide Web pages, Programming languages: Fortran, C, C++, Graphical interfaces: X-Windows, Tcl/Tk, Documentation: TeX, LaTeX, HTML, Principal technical areas: CFD, electromagnetism, applied computatonal maths, computational geometry, quantum mechanics, chemistry, thermal physics.

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