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Application Development [Top]
ActiveX for Fortran - As of 8 October 98, a Fortran port of this product is under consideration by JAZZAge Software.  Let them know if you have an interest.
Application Parallelization, Visual KAP - for Digital Visual Fortran - for OPENMP - Kuck & Associates, Inc.
BURKS  - Brighton University Resource Kit for Students - 2 CDs of over 1GB of material including compilers, tutorials, and reference matrerial, a free online dictionary of computing, Linux distribution, Linux manuals, FAQs tutorials, and specifications for Internet and PC related topics (HTML, FTP, XMS, Winsock, Storage devices, modems), and a large collection of MSDOS/Windows software.
CacheVu - A FORGExplorer companion that is the only tool in the industry that addresses the effective utilization of cache based microprocessors.  Applied Parallel Research, Inc
Captools - A semi-automatic parallelization tool developed by the Parallel Processing Group at the University of Greenwich. 
cmf2hpf - Source to source translator that converts CM Fortran to Fortran 90 with High Performance Fortran Data Decomposition Directives.  Applied Parallel Research, Inc.
Cocktail - Compiler generation toolkit that aids development of compilers through generation of C, C++, Modula-2, or Eiffel  source code from a partially automatically generated language specification by Dr. Josef Grosch.
Compiler Development Tools - ACE CoSy (Compilation System)
CPLEX - Optimization Software from CPLEX, including:  Linear Optimizer Base System -  Includes our exceptionally fast and robust primal simplex, dual simplex, and network simplex solvers for linear programming problems.  Callable Library Option - A formatting option.  Mixed Integer Solver Option - Adds the capability to solve problems with mixed integer variables (general or binary).  Barrier/QP Solver - An optional primal-dual log barrier algorithm with predictor corrector. 
Parallel Solvers - For Parallel architectures.  ILOG Planner - A C++ interface to the CPLEX Callable Library, allowing an object-oriented representation of linear and mixed integer programming models.  AMPL - A modeling language for mathematical programming problems, with connections to CPLEX.
DESL - Data Engineering Scripting Language - provides a flexible command interface to its powerful underlying engine that can be used by the user to manipulate and visualize spreadsheet-style numerical data in a variety of ways. DESL is the successor to the package known as HyperDAS.  The roots of DESL are in the aeronautical industry, particularly having been associated with NASA wind tunnel data reduction and data manipulation and display. In such an environment data is collected and stored in a "point by point" sequence. Such data, thus collected, can easily be dealt with with the DESL software system.
DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit - This toolkit enables the analysis, translation, and/or reverse engineering of large-scale software systems, containing arbitrary mixtures of languages ("domains"). DMS can also be used for domain-specific program generation.  Support for most legacy languages including Ada 83/95, C/C++, Fortran 95/90/77.  Semantic Designs
Flint (Fortran-Lint) - Fortran Code Static Analyzer from  Cleanscape Software
F90VB - a set of four Fortran libraries that provide the functionality necessary for your Fortran programs to gain access to COM/ActiveX objects. In addition, you can use f90VB to call Visual Basic DLLs from your Fortran applications, or to create Fortran DLLs that are able to handle intrinsic Visual Basic data types (like VB's strings, arrays or variants). f90VB also includes TLView, a professional quality Type Library browser, that can be used as a tool to explore COM/ActiveX objects you are using from your Fortran applications.
FORBAS - Fortran to Basic  converter from Michael Nemeth.
FOR_C - Fortran to C Converter from Cobalt-Blue
FORGExplorer - Call Tree, Variable Trace, Common Block Usage/Details, Query Searches & Filtered Traces, Performance Profiling, Code Reformatting Tools from Applied Parallel Research, Inc
Forcheck - Static Analysis Tool from Leiden University
Foresys - Code Analyzer, Restructurer, Browser, Parallelizer, CASE Tool Interface to TeamWork from Simulog
FOR_STRUCT - Fortran Code Restructurer from Cobalt-Blue
FOR_STUDY - Fortran Code Static Analyzer from Cobalt-Blue
Forwarn - Fortran Code Static Analyzer from Quibus. Via Fortran Market
FPT - a powerful suite of tools for writing, maintaining and migrating FORTRAN programs.  Features include Migration, 
Q.A. Analysis, Testing, Error Correction, Optimisation, Report Generation.
Fortran-M - Argonne National Laboratory - Defines Parallel Programming Extensions to Fortran  (password protected)
GRG2, LSGRG2, Curvi, BCLS, RBFpack, and LP_QP_Solve - software for solving nonlinear constrained optimization problems, nonlinear unconstrained optimization problems, linear programming problems, and quadratic programming problems from Windward Technologies, Inc.
IBM Optimization Library - a suite of subroutines for manipulating the models and solving the resulting minimization problems of mathematical optimization. This library comprises an extensive suite of software building blocks from which a knowledgeable practitioner can create a customized optimization application. These building blocks can be combined with other code to develop solutions to optimization problems (such as nonlinear or stochastic problems) that are beyond the capabilities of the current Solutions components.
KFWIN - An interface for Win32 API programming from Fortran (MS FPS 4.0).
LGO - Application Development System for Continuous Global Optimization from Pinter Consulting Services (for LF90, Various Workstation Platforms)
MTASK - A parallel programming language for Windows NT that provides an easy way for users to develop programs for multiprocessor computers.  It is a subroutine-based parallel tool without compiler directives.  Instructions that can be implemented in parallel are written into subroutines, and then dispatched onto tasks that execute simultaneously.
NFortran - A GUI program development environment for Windows 98, NT, and Linux targeted to the GNU G77 compiler.  Einsys Technology, Inc.
NuTCRACKER - Empowers UNIX developers to build great Windows software products from their existing UNIX source code.  NuTCRACKER facilitates a cross-platform, “write-once, deploy-anywhere” development strategy across 
UNIX, Windows NT, and Windows 95/98 systems, and preserves existing investments in UNIX technology and expertise. You can use NuTCRACKER to run single- or multi-threaded C, C++, or Fortran applications, shared libraries, and
daemons, on Windows NT, Windows 95/98, or Windows NT Terminal Server Edition, while maintaining a common source code baseline across all platforms, including UNIX.
ObjexxFCL - A Fortran compatibility library for interfacing with and migrating to C++. From Objexx Engineering, Inc.
ObjexxFTK - A Fortran toolkit including an easy to use unit testing framework, assertion support, and a collection of useful array and string functions. From Objexx Engineering, Inc.
PlusFort - Toolkit (Code Restructuring, Static/Dynamic/Coverage Analysis, Version Control, etc.) for Application Developers from Polyhedron Software
Purify - Utility to identify memory leaks and run-time errors in an executable from Rational (UNIX, NT).  Product is not advertised as compatible with Fortran but some users report it so.
QA Fortran - a deep-flow static analysis tool which automates your early-cycle testing and inspection processes, making development and quality assurance professionals more productive.
Quibus - A suite of application development tools including Pretty, Outline, Prep, Split, Combine, Seq, Unseq.  via Fortran Market
SNiFF+™ - Source Code Engineering™ tools for FORTRAN Developers
spf - Batch automatic parallelizer for Shared Memory Systems, generates OpenMP compiler directives or POSIX Threads calls.  Applied Parallel Research, Inc.
TotalView -a multiprocess, multithread debugger for applications written in C, C++, FORTRAN 77, Fortran 90, and PGI HPF.  It supports multiple parallel progamming paradigms including MPI, PVM, and OpenMP.  TotalView scales to handle the most complex applications running on today's largest systems.  Etnus, Inc.
TrueBASIC - Fortran 77 to TrueBASIC Converter for DOS from True BASIC, Inc.
UNDERSTAND for Fortran - Visual Code Analysis Tools
VAST - Translators, Parallelizers, Optimizers from Pacific Sierra for x86 and Most UNIX Systems
VECPAR77 - A Precompiler tool from NAG that analyzes and transforms FORTRAN 77 programs intended for execution on machines with vector or shared-memory multitasking capabilities (Description)
Visual Analyzer - Visually analyze the call structure and logic flow of your Fortran and C source code. Display a detailed cross reference of all the variables in the program and where modules and commons are defined and referenced.  Windows 9x and NT.  Lahey
Visual Strongtype - A Win95/98 programm that allows a user to define unit definitions within Fortran source code.  Visual Strongtype analyzes the Fortran program statements for compliance with their unit definitions.  Strongtype Inc.
VX/FPT - A suite of tools aiding in the porting of FORTRAN applications from VMS
WinTranslator - Automates the generation of diagrams and populates the data dictionary within WinA&D tools from existing source code. Object-oriented software written in C++ or Object Pascal is translated to class diagrams using Booch, OMT, Shlaer/Mellor, Coad/Yourdon, Fusion or Jacobson notations. Code written in C, Pascal, Basic or Fortran generates structure charts. Diagrams can be automatically organized into multiple diagram levels to easily accommodate very large software systems.  Windows 95 or NT.
xHPF - Batch automatic parallelizer for High Performance Fortran and Distributed Memory Systems.  Applied Parallel Research, Inc.
zAPR - Source to source translator that converts Fortran 90 to efficient looping structures for cache-based architectures.  Applied Parallel Research, Inc.

Compiler Test Suites [Top]
SHAPE95 - A comprehensive Fortran 95 compiler conformance test suite. There are over 7500 individual, executable, self-checking, test subroutines.  Each subroutine tests a particular aspect of compiler conformance to the Fortran 95 standard.  Spackman & Hendrickson, Inc.
The Fortran Company Test Suites - U_F95_TS is a very extensive and thorough suite of Fortran 95 tests that exercise all portions of the language. It consists of more than 400,000 lines of Fortran 95 code; in addition, test generators produce and execute ten million lines of Fortran 95 program statements.  In addition to tests of all syntax rules, all intrinsic functions, etc., there are tests to ensure that the compiler conforms to the requirements that certain conditions are diagnosed. Examples are the requirement that violations all syntax rules must be reported and the the attempted use of kind numbers not available on the processor must be detected. 
Vtune - VTune(tm) Performance Analyzer 6.0 increases your software performance by quickly analyzing all the files running on your CPU allowing you to "drill down" and identify the bottlenecks in your code.  Good compilers might optimize your code for traditional processors, but not for the latest processor technology.  Intel's VTune makes performance tuning a simple and easy process.

Database Interfacing [Top]
F90SQL - Directly read and write data stored in Excel™, Microsoft Access™, Microsoft SQL-Server™, Oracle™, Paradox, FoxPro and many other formats commonly found in Microsoft Windows applications.
Oracle Pro*FORTRAN - x86, Digital UNIX, VMS, Alpha NT

Fortran Aware Editors [Top]
BBEDIT- Direct support for 13 Languages (Mac) - "Non-aware" freeware version also available.
ED - Direct support for 32 Languages (DOS and Windows)
KEDIT - Direct support for 12 Languages (DOS, OS/2, and Windows)
Multi-edit - Direct support for 24 Languages (Windows 95/98 and NT) 

Graphics/GUI Programming [Top]
CA-Disspla - Is a high-level, integrated graphics subroutine library from Computer Associates International for data representation.  Both upwardly compatible and portable, it includes graphs, charts, maps, surfaces, contours, raster images and object modeling (MVS, VM, VAX/VMS, ULTRIX, DOS, UNIX, Supercomputers) 
DESL - the Data Engineering Scripting Language, provides a flexible command interface to its powerful underlying engine that can be used by the user to manipulate and visualize spreadsheet-style numerical data in a variety of ways. DESL is the successor to the package known as HyperDAS.  The roots of DESL are in the aeronautical industry, particularly having been associated with NASA wind tunnel data reduction and data manipulation and display. In such an environment data is collected and stored in a "point by point" sequence. Such data, thus collected, can easily be dealt with with the DESL software system.
DISLIN - Graphics API/bindings/utilities from Helmut Michels for various platforms
DXF - A programmer's toolkit for making AutoCAD DXF drawing files with FORTRAN, C, or BASIC programs.  Rockware Earth Science Software.
GINO-F, GINOMENU, GINOGRAF, GINOSURF, MENUGEN - Graphics Tools from Bradly Associates for various platforms (DOS, Win16, Win32, VMS, UNIX)
Graphical Data Display Manager (GDDM) - 370/390 Mainframe (VM/MVS/OS390)
GSS*GKS, GSS*GDT, GSS*CGM, GSS*Easychart, GSS*XPM - GKS/CGM/CGI Standard Compliant Graphics Tools from Ematek for Various Platforms (DOS, Win16, Win32, Alpha, UNIX)
HOOPS3D - A commercial-grade graphics system from Tech Soft America, providing the algorithms and data-structures necessary to incorporate 2D and 3D, interactive, vector and raster graphics capabilities into CAD/CAM/CAE, Scientific Visualization, & GIS (Unix, Windows).
Ingraf/Wingraf - Graphics Tools from Sutrasoft (XDOS, Win16, Win32)
Interacter (Discontinued, see entry at Winteracter) - Graphics Tools from Interactive Software Services.  Development of Interacter has ended, but it may be still be available  for various platforms: DOS, Win16, Win32, VMS, UNIX
NCAR Graphics - supports land-sea-ice-ocean-atmosphere and coupled research at NCAR/UCAR, UCAR Universities, and other scientific research locations. Emphasis is given to data input of diverse formats, data exploration, scalar and array data processing, and scientific visualization including high quality graphics for publication.
Plot 88 - a library of subroutines from PLOTWORKS, Inc. for your personal computer or SUN SparcStation to construct x-y plots, grids, contour maps and 3-D mesh drawings - is an industry-standard, device-independent graphics package. 
Portable Windowed Applications: Pollsters, Onlookers and Others (Poo) - a library for writing multiwindowed applications easily and contains versions of the C source code for the X Window System commonly available in Linux and Unix, Microsoft's Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and NT, and IBM's OS/2 Presentation Manager, so that POO applications are portable among these systems.  OG Software, by Dr. Leonard J. Harding.
PV-WAVE -Visual Data Analysis Software from Visual Numerics (Win95/NT, UNIX, OpenVMS)
Realwin - Graphics Tools from Indowsway Software for Win32
SansGUI - SansGUI, from ProtoDesign, Inc. (, is a modeling and simulation environment for developing and deploying scientific and engineering simulators without writing any graphical user interface code.  SansGUI supports Compaq Visual Fortran for creating tightly-coupled and highly interactive in-process simulators.  Other Fortran compilers can be used to create external process simulators.
SciPlot/SciFont - A Data plotting Library and Companion Font "Libraries" from MicroGlyph
Simpleplot - A Data Plotting Library from BUSS Ltd. for Various Platforms
Superplot - Data Plotting Libraries from Supersoft for Win95/NT and Macintosh
Tecplot - Tools to create, manipulate, animate and display your complex data and technical plotting.  Amtec Engineering
UGL and UGLI (Universal Graaphics Language (Insta-plot)) - Graphics Libraries from Galaxy Advanced Engineering, Inc. which helps in the migration from Mainframe to Mini and Micro Computer platforms by simulating graphics packages such as CA-DISSPLA, PLOT-10, DIGLIB, GKS, NCAR-GKS, and CalComp
WinGKS, Win32GKS, GXL (16 bit) and GXL (32 bit) - GKS/CGM/CGI Standard Compliant Graphics and Charting Tools from Oxford Schientific Software Ltd. for x86 Win16/32
Winteracter - Graphics, GUI, OS API interfacing, help file creation and viewing, IDE, ODBC database interrogation, Zlib compression, etc. from Interactive Software Services.  Available  for various platforms: Windows (Win32 + Win64), Linux (x86 + x86_64) and Mac OS X (PPC and x86)
WSTS Graphics Library - 2D lines, filling and shading 2D shapes, drawing 3D lines, filling and shading 3D surfaces, text, colour, 2D and 3D graph-plotting, 2D bar and pie charts, 2D scalar and vector fields (including contouring and field-to-surface), screen saving and loading, and basic interaction tools (as far as different systems allow).  For a variety of platforms.  Source available, written in FORTRAN 77 and C.  Wessex Scientific and Technical Services.

Hardware Interfacing [Top]
FORTLIB - General Purpose Library of 300 Routines from Sutrasoft for x86
SciComm - x86 Port I/O Library from MicroGlyph

Internet Interfacing [Top]
SEE4F - An SMTP Email Engine for Fortran from MarshallSoft Computing for x86 (Windows).

Miscellaneous [Top]
Autolev - An advanced symbolic manipulator for statics, dynamics, and mathematical analysis from Online Dynamics.
BloodHoundY2K - A Y2K diagnostic software program that scans high-level programming languages such as Cobol, C, C++, Fortran, Pascal and tracks down Year 2000 problems by Paradise Software.
CATAN - Thermal Analysis Tool from Ralf Simon
ChemApp - A rich set of subroutines which provides all the necessary tools for the calculation of complex multicomponent, multiphase chemical equilibria and the determination of the associated energy balances.  Department of Theoretical Process Metallurgy and Metallurgy of Nuclear Fuels at Aachen University of Technology and at GTT-Technologies, Germany. 
CHEMKIN-III - a system of Fortran code, data files, Unix script example problems, and hardcopy or electronic documents, used to facilitate the modeling of chemical kinetics and transport effects in a gas, or at a gas/solid- surface interface.  Reaction Design/Sandia National Laboratories
CionaEval - TCioinaEval v.7.6.1, TCioinaComplexEval v.1.1.8, TCioinaDateTimeEval v1.0.2 classes can parse, evaluate and differentiate a mathematical expression given as a string.  All functions work with complex numbers for TCioinaComplexEval.  TCioinaDateTimeEval supports Double, Complex, Boolean, DateTime and Currency types.  CVF 6.6B Demo
FDLIB - A Comprehensive software library covering a wide spectrum of fundamental and applied topics in fluid dynamics.  The codes are suitable for self-study, classroom instruction, as well as academic and industrial research.
Galaxy Advanced Engineering - Project Management Software and Project Management Graphics, PERT, GANTT and X-Y Charts, Finite Elements and Finite Differences, Mesh Generators, Heat Transfer, Radiation Shielding, etc., EZ Graphics  UGL (Universal Graphics Language) for migration from mainframe, mini and micro computer platforms and simulating graphics packages such as CA-DISSPLA, PLOT-10, DIGLIB, GKS, NCAR-GKS, and CalComp. 
PBGUNS - An Interactive IBM-PC Computer Program for the Precision Poisson Simulation of Positive or Negative ION and Electron, Guns and Beams.  Jack E. Boers/THUNDERBIRD SIMULATIONS
PCx - An interior-point predictor-corrector linear programming solver is available here in a version for Windows 95 and
Windows NT.  Joe Czyzyk, Magda Stolarski, Stephen Wright, Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University.
Prosoft - A source for a wide variety of scientific, technical, and engineering software.
Statistical Genetics Software - RELPAIR 0.90 is a FORTRAN 77 program that infers the relationships of pairs of individuals based on genetic marker data, either within families or across an entire sample. RELPAIR was programmed by Michael Boehnke and William L. Duren.  RHMAP 3.0 (updated September 1996) is a statistical package for radiation hybrid mapping. RHMAP was programmed by Michael Boehnke, Kathryn Lunetta, Elizabeth Hauser, Kenneth Lange, Justine Uro, and Jill Vanderstoep.  SIMLINK 4.12 (updated April 1997) is a program for estimating the power of a proposed linkage study by computer simulation. SIMLINK was programmed by Michael Boehnke and Lynn Ploughman. 

Numerical/Statistical Calculation [Top]
ADF - Amsterdam Density Functional (electronic structure calculations for molecules) and BAND (for periodic structures: polymers, slabs, crystals) codes.  Scientific Computing & Modelling NV, Vrije Universiteit; Theoretical Chemistry
ADIFOR - Automatic Differentiation (generates an augmented derivative code that computes the partial derivatives of all of the specified dependent variables with respect to all of the specified independent variables in addition to the original result) - Argonne National Laboratory 
AERONAUTICS CODE - Public domain code for Arrow Wing Wave Drag, Compressible Flow Calculator, Computer Methods for Mathematical Calculation, Contour Plotter, Digital Datcom, Eppler, Fair Data, Geometry Conversion, Flow Field in Supersonic Inlet, Fluid Properties, GasProperties, Hypersonic Aerodynamics for Arbitrary Bodies., Induced Drag from Span Load  Distribution., Line Interpolation and Line Intersection, Mean Aerodynamic Chord, NACA Airfoils., Optimum Trajectory of a Turbojet Airplane, Pablo, Panair (A502), PanAir input pre-processor, Polynomial Root Finder, Quiz Program, 3-view and Silhouette, Solar Powered Satellite, Space Shuttle Synthesis Program, Standard Atmosphere, Tidy, Turbulent skin friction, Virtual Reality, Visualize Three-Dimensional Surfaces, Vortex Lattice Minimum Drag (VLMD), Wave Drag by Area Rule, WingBody panel code, Wireframe generator.  More details here.
AMBER - Assisted Model Building with Energy Refinement -  AMBER refers to two things: a molecular mechanical force field for the simulation of biomolecules (which is in general use in a variety of simulation programs); and a package of molecular simulation programs which includes source code and demos.  Department of Pharmaceutical, Chemistry University of California
American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) software collection - mathematics, statistics, biology, geophysics, basic physics, and everything else
BCSLIB-EXT - a Fortran subroutine library from Boeing for solving very large problems that can no longer fit in the central memory of a computer. It is well known for its extremely powerful solver for sparse systems of linear equations and for its Lanczos-based sparse eigensolver. 
CALGO - This CALGO CD contains for each algorithm from 493, March 1975 to798, December 1999, a UNIX tar file and a PC zip file containing the component files making up the submission. Those components have been arranged in a directory structure so that the source of the algorithm is readily distinguishable from the drive (test) programs. 

All freely available library code has been removed from the individual algorithms and the sources to the complete libraries are included on the CD. These libraries include Lapack, Linpack, Eispack and the BLAS (levels 1,2and 3); both single and double precision versions are available.

The algorithm collection is presented as a "website" on the CD, which allows links between the indexes to the algorithms and the corresponding source files. Each individual algorithm is indexed by publication order and by its Share and Gams classification.

COMFACT - a set of factor analysis programs designed to carry out test scoring and norming, plotting for distribution inspection, factor analysis, factor rotation, multiple regression analysis, and screening for outliers.  Andrew L. Comrey, Department of Psychology, UCLA
CPC Library - Computer Physics Communications Program Library of over 1,600 refereed computer programs which have been contributed by scientists worldwide
Curvi - a program that solves nonlinear optimization problems.
DAEPACK -  a symbolic and numeric library for open modeling.  DAEPACK is divided into two major libraries: symbolic analysis and transformation and numerical calculation. The symbolic analysis and transformation library consists of components for analyzing general Fortran-90 models and automatically generating the information required when using modern numerical algorithms.  John E. Tolsma, Paul I. Barton, MIT.
Elegant Mathematics - Iterative Linear Solvers, a Suite of Software Tools for Parallelization of Algorithms and Computer Software, and Advanced Approximation Method from Elegant Mathematics, Ltd.
Easyfit - an interactive software system to identify parameters in explicit model functions, dynamic systems of equations,
Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, differential algebraic equations and one-dimensional partial differential 
equations.  Also available:  NLPQL (constrained nonlinear programming), QL (quadratic programming), DFNLP (constrained nonlinear data fitting), PDECON (optimal control of ordinary, algebraic and one-dimensional, time-dependent partial differential equations), PDEFIT (parameter estimation in one-dimensional partial differential equations), MODFIT (parameter estimation in explicit model functions, Laplace transforms, systems of ordinary and algebraic differential equations), SYSFIT (parameter estimation in steady-state-systems), NLPQLB (nonlinear programming with very many constraints), NLPJOB (multicriteria optimization), PCOMP (automatic differentiation), EASY-OPT (interactive optimization (general, min-max, least-squares, multicriteria).  Prof. K. Schittkowski, University of Bayreuth, Department of Mathmatics
FELIPE - a finite element software package, running under Windows 95/98/NT or later, developed to support students of mathematics or engineering in understanding, appreciating and using the finite element method. Because it contains a powerful pre-processor and post-processor, as well as source code for the "main engines", it also enables more experienced finite element practitioners to develop f.e. analyses of their individual problems, for research or commercial purposes.  A free evaluation copy is available.
FIDISOL/CADSOL - a program package for the solution of partial differential equations - Numerical Research Group for Supercomputers, Universität Karlsruhe
Fortran Encyclopaedia - is NAS' set of wide-ranging Fortran95 numeric libraries, which make full use of the available language facilities to provide short, simple calling sequences: 
 LAPACK and the BLAS: The industry standard linear algebra libraries, with over 1200 routines. 
 LVLIB: Modularised and extended BLAS, Sparse BLAS, and BSP routines, including both F77 and F95 user interfaces. 
 Mathlib: Our baseline Maths library, including Fast Fourier Transforms, Statistics, Random Number Generators,
     Optimisation, Linear algebra, Numerical Quadrature and Integral Equations. 
 SFLib: An extremely accurate special functions library, with every algorithm specially developed for the library. 
 HPFLib: Implementations of the standard HPF Library and intrinsic procedures. 
FortranPlus Professional Pack - User Guide - 290 page hard copy, precompiled BLAS and LAPACK libraries with full online documentation (HTML format), while stocks last, a FREE copy of the book Fortran 90/95 Explained by Metcalf and Reid, PLUS the full precompiled Fortran Encyclopaedia. 
GAUSS - an easy to use data analysis environment based on the powerful GAUSS matrix language.  Aptech Systems
GEMPACK - GEMPACK (General Equilibrium Modelling PACKage) is a suite of general-purpose economic modelling software especially suitable for general and partial equilibrium models.  It can handle a wide range of economic behaviour.  It also contains powerful capabilities for solving intertemporal models (DOS, Windows, Unix, VMS)
GISOLV2 - Iterative linear equation solver with proprietary algorithms for improved efficiency (UNIX - SUN (assumed Solaris), IRIX 6.5, DIGITAL V4.0D, LINUX (platform not listed), IBM (assumed AIX/RS6000).
GQOpt - A Fortran library for econometrics from Princeton University School of Economics.  It is a general purpose numerical computation package, particularly adapted to the needs of economists, econometricians, and operation researchers.  It includes functions ranging from utility routines to numerical integration, nonparametric statistics, time series analysis, etc (Mainframe, VAX, Cray, DOS, Win16, Win32, Unix).
Harwell Subroutine Library - From the Numerical Analysis Group
IDA - A general purpose Differential-Algebraic Equation solver from EQUA Simulation  AB (Formerly Bris Data).  The solver relies on precompiled models of physical components.  Component models are packaged as Windows 32 bit DLLs[3] and their interconnection into systems is described in a well-structured system description file . Component DLLs are normally generated automatically from Neutral Model Format source code. 
IMSL Fortran 90 MP - Since 1970, IMSL has been the definitive industry standard for high-precision numerical analysis libraries.  Today the same powerful functionality of the well-known IMSL FORTRAN 77 Numerical Libraries (FNL) is available in the IMSL Fortran 90 MP Numerical Library (F90 MP).  Visual Numerics
International Mathematical and Statistical Libraries (IMSL) - Visual Numerics
Mathpak 87 - a set of over 180 assembler coded numerical routines for use with 80x87 math coprocessors. These routines are highly optimised and run up to 20 times (??) faster than equivalent high-level language routines.  Precision Plus Software
Matlab - An integrated technical computing environment that combines numeric computation, advanced graphics and visualization, and a high-level programming language.
NASA Engineering FORTRAN Source Code - Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, Aeronautics, Flow and Structure, and Modeling
Numerica - a library of source codes for solving hyperbolic partial differential equations using a broad range of modern, high resolution shock capturing conservative and non-conservative numerical methods. Most of the programs are based on upwind schemes of the Godunov and Flux Vector Splitting type but also included are centred flux and slope limiter TVD methods. Exact and several approximate Riemann solvers form the basic routines of the many schemes of first and
 higher order of accuracy included in the library.  Free sample codes available.
Numerical Algorithms Group US Mirror Site - All you need for technical computing!  Numerical, Statistical, Symbolic, Visualization, Compilers and Tools, and Numerical Simulation Software and Consultancy.
Numerical Recipes Home Page - Companion Site of the Numerical Recipes Books
Numerical Algorithms with Fortran - CD-ROM Companion of Book of Same Name
PDE2D - Solves general nonlinear, time-dependent, steady-state and eigenvalue systems of partial differential equations, in 1D intervals, general 2D regions and 3D "boxes" (since periodic boundary conditions can be specified, 3D regions such as spheres and cylinders can also be handled using spherical and cylindrical coordinates.) PDE2D features an interactive user interface, which makes it exceptionally easy to use, and extensive graphical output capabilities (DOS, Windows, Unix).
Prime Factor FFT - is a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Analysis Subroutine Library for Windows and DOS.  Alligator Technologies
RIM:  Computing the Acoustic Field Surrounding a Vibrating Plate - Code to compute the acoustic field surrounding a vibrating plate using the Rayleigh Integral Method.  Shareware from Integrated Sound Software.
SciMath - A Data Fitting Library from MicroGlyph
SDX  - System Dynamics - is a high performance Fortran based Problem Solving Environment for dynamics (continuous,discrete,hybrid) related applications in science and engineering.  Typical applications include Aerospace, Applied Mathematics, Bio-Eco Systems, Control Systems, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Physics, Robotics, etc.
SSL2 - Scientific Subroutine Library 2 (SSL2) is a general-purpose subroutine library for numerical calculations suitable for a wide range of mathematical models for the natural and social sciences. SSL2 offers over 250 optimized routines in the following areas:  Linear Algebra, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors,Nonlinear Equations, Extrema, Interpolation and Approximation, Transforms, Numerical Differentiation and Quadrature, Differential Equations, Special Functions, Pseudo Random Numbers - Lahey/Fujitsu
WSTS Bubblesoft Accounting Library - takes daybook entries describing transactions, and produces T-accounts, balance sheets and profit-and-loss accounts. More complicated types of transaction can be handled than by most other packages, e.g. estimates, accruals and prepayments. The system is designed to be as flexible and portable as possible - you can use your favourite text editor to maintain the daybooks and the files can be ported between most computers. Wessex Scientific and Technical Services. 
WSTS Math Library - matrix mathematics (arithmetic, inversion, solution and eigensystems), computational geometry,
interpolation, root-finding, minimisation, data-fitting, numerical integration, integral transforms, differential equations, statistics,
run-time expression evaluation and some transcendental functions. Complex number versions are provided for some routines,
and all can be compiled for use with single or double precision variables. The code is written in clear, up-to-date Fortran
(ANSI Fortran 77 with common extensions).    Wessex Scientific and Technical Services.
XPRESS-MP Modelling and Optimization Tools and Subroutine Libraries - From Dash Associates

Operating System Interfacing [Top]
Imprint - a windows utility that allows users to print text files, including programers' source files, html documents, ASA (Fortran) output etc. 
Portable Windowed Applications: Pollsters, Onlookers and Others (Poo) - a library for writing multiwindowed applications easily and contains versions of the C source code for the X Window System commonly available in Linux and Unix, Microsoft's Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and NT, and IBM's OS/2 Presentation Manager, so that POO applications are portable among these systems.

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