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Selected Book Resellers
Amazon - General Book Retailer
Barnes and Noble - General Book Retailer
Books-A-Million - General Book Retailer
Bookpool - Discount Technical Books
Borders - General Book Retailer
Brian's Internet and Computer Books - General Book Retailer - General Book Retailer
Digital Press - Computer/Technical Book Retailer
Fatbrain (Computer Literacy) - Books, Training, Manuals, Documentation and Research Reports, for the Technical Professional (Compaq/Digital Fortran Store)
Powell's - General New and Used Book Retailer
Redcorp - Computer/Technical Book Retailer
Scientific Publishers Guide - The best publishers for scientists, researchers, professionals, and students. 
The Fortran Company - Books Related to the "F" Fortran Subset Programming Language
The Fortran Company/Fortran Market - Books Related to the Fortran Programming Language

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