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A Comparison of the Floating-Point Performance of Commonly Available Personal Computers and Workstations - Steven H. Langer/LLNL - Index to Benchmark Codes
Appleseed:  A Parallel Macintosh Cluster for Numerically Intensive Computing - Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCLA
Benchweb - A starting point for finding information about computer system performance benchmarks, benchmark results, and benchmark code (Netlib).
Capacita - Comparison of various systems using CAPACITA.F90 which  computes electric charge distributions on planar conductors - Jos Bergervoet
Computational Fluid Dynamics Code - Division Modélisation Numérique pour la Mécanique des Fluides , Ecole Centrale de Nantes
CPU Speed without Heroics - Digital Equipment Corporation
Cyrix vs. Pentium - Louis Léon (Institut national des sciences de l'Univers du CNRS), Patrick Rougeau (ENSTA) 
EGCS/GCC vs Digital Fortran on x86 & Alpha Under Linux - Greg Lindahl
Evaluation of platform performance with LINPACK/BLAS tools (NETLIB) - Large Collection of hardware/OS combinations evaluated (postscript).
Linux x86 Compiler Benchmarks -  Jeff Templon
Livermore Fortran Kernels - Tim Prince
MDBNCH  - A molecular dynamics benchmark.  Furio Ercolessi, SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste.
MPI-SIM - Message Passing Interface-Simulation benchmarking, the Phantom at UCLA (tar, gzip)
NAS Parallel Benchmarks - A set of 8 programs designed to help evaluate the performance of parallel supercomputers.
OOPACK - Benchmark for Comparing OOP vs. C Procedural Programming - KAI
PARallel Kernels and BENCHmarks (PARKBENCH) - Netlib
PERFECT - codes covering a wide variety of algorithms, including sparse matrix solvers, nonlinear algebraic equations, FFT's, elliptic PDE's, multigrid methods, ODE solvers, Monte Carlo methods, integral transforms and convolution. 
Performance Benchmark Results for Selected Fortran 90 Compilers - via Fortran Market
Performance Benchmark Results for MS Windows Fortran 90 Compilers - Quetzal via Fortran Market 
Performance Comparison of Various Optimization Software and Techniques -  Hans D. Mittelmann
Performance Comparison of Various Windows x86 Fortran Compilers with Supplied Source - Polyhedron Software
Performance Comparison of Various Windows x86, MAC, and UNIX Systems using the TEST_FPU Benchmark - A. J. Smith
Performance Comparison of Various x86 Fortran & C compilers with Supplied Source - Dave Gemini (TEST_FPU Benchmark)
Performance Comparison of Various x86 & UNIX Fortran Compilers and Systems - Nhuan DODUC
Performance Evaluation of the Stanford University Intermediate Format (SUIF) Compiler
Program Source Library for Benchmarking - Netlib
SPEC Benchmarks Home Page
Stepanov Benchmark Intel Results (MSVC++ Data Abstraction Penalty) - KAI
Stepanov Benchmark UNIX Results (Photon C++ Data Abstraction Penalty) - KAI
STREAM:  Measuring Sustainable Memory Bandwidth in High Performance Computers - University of Virginia

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