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Fortran Language [Top]
Additional Information on Fortran 90 - Decyk, Norton, Szymanski 
A Comparison of C++ and Fortran 90 for Object-Oriented Scientific Programming - John R. Cary and Svetlana G. Shasharina
A Look at Fortran 90 - Thomas M. Lahey
European Standards for Writing and Documenting Exchangeable Fortran 90 Code  - Meteorological Office of the UK
F90 Language Tables - Compares the syntax of Fortran, C++, and Matlab and would be useful to someone who is experienced in C++ or Matlab taking up Fortran 90 (or vice versa) - Ed Akin
Fortran and Other Manuals for Sun OS and Solaris - Sun Microsystems
Fortran and Windows - A summary of programming options by Polyhedron Software
Fortran 90 and Computational Science - Online Book by the Computational Science Education Project (CSEP)
Fortran 90 as a Language of Choice for Science Students - John Prentice (via Hewlett Packard)
Fortran 90 Essentials - Cornell Theory Center (based upon work by Decyk, Norton, Szymanski)
Fortran 90 for the FORTRAN 77 Programmer - Bo Einarsson and Yurij Shokin 
Fortran 90:  The First Two Years - On the evolution of the NAG Fortran 90 compiler
FORTRAN 90 vs C++ - an educational perspective - by John Prentice via Computer Transition Systems
Fortran User's Survey - Supported a study of formal methodologies to study the design of programming languages, focusing on techniques in analysing the design of Fortran 95. 
F2C - Index of Changes, User Manuals, Readme, etc.
Improving the Output of F2C - George Levy (via NAG)
Information About G77, a Free Fortran Compiler
Interactive Fortran 77:  A Hand's on Approach - Chivers and Sleightholme
Introduction to F - Harvey Gould
Introduction to Fortran 90 - David J. Ennis, via Ohio Supercomputer Center (Postscript)
Introduction to Fortran 90 - Alexander Donev, Michigan State University
Michael Metcalf's CNL Fortran 90 Articles - CERN
Modern Fortran Revived as the Language of Scientific Parallel Computing - DIGITAL Technical Journal, Volume 8, Number 3 
Overview of G77, a Free Fortran Compiler - Clive Page (MS Word version also available)
Professional Programmer's Guide to Fortran 77 - Clive Page (Complete book on-line, MS Word, Postscript, Latex versions)
User Notes on Fortran Programming - John Prentice
Using GNU Fortran - Delorie Software/Craig Burley
Safer Subsets of FORTRAN 77 - Hatton
Technical Reports from the Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC) - Rice
The F Language - Jeanne Adams (from SCDzine)
The Fortran Saga - Brian Meek, Computing Center, King's College
Why F? - David Epstein (Imagine1)
Why Fortran 90? - Decyk, Norton, Szymanski


Interfacing With Other Languages [Top]
C from Fortran - Gary Ferland's notes on C
Calling Fortran DLLs from Visual Basic - Canaima Software
CNF and F77 Mixed Language Programming - FORTRAN and C Version 3.1 Programmer's Manual - The CNF package comprises two sets of software which ease the task of writing portable programs in a mixture of FORTRAN and C. F77 is a set of C macros for handling the FORTRAN/C subroutine linkage in a portable way, and CNF is a set of C functions to handle the difference between FORTRAN and C character strings and logical values.  P.M. Allan, A.J. Chipperfield, CCLRC / Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Particle Physics & Astronomy Research Council. 
Combining Java and Fortran - Mark Fardal
C++/Fortran Mixed-language Calling - Carsten Arnholm
Putting a Java Interface on your C, C++, or Fortran Code - Chris Anderson
Users Manual for BFORT:  Producing Fortran Interfaces to C Source Code - Argonne National Laboratory (Compressed Postscript)
VB and Fortran - Matthew Nicoll, Cypher Consulting


Miscellaneous [Top]
A Diagnostic Test Set - Comparison of Three Fortran Vendors Compiler Generated and Run-Time Diagnostics for Fundamental Human Errors - H. D. Knoble
ADX:  Algorithms for Adaptive Discretization Based on Triangular Grids - Jean-Yves Trépanier, professeur adjoint, Herong Yang, associé de recherche, Groupe MIAO, Département de génie mécanique, École Polytechnique de Montréal
A FORTRAN Package For Floating-Point Multiple-Precision Arithmetic - Dr. David M. Smith, Mathematics Department, Loyola Marymount University
A Multiple-Precision Division Algorithm - Dr. David M. Smith, Mathematics Department, Loyola Marymount University
Arnaud Desitter Articles - Various articles published by Arnaud Desitter via
Automatic Selection of High-order Transformations in the IBM XL Fortran COmpilers - V. Sarkar, IBM J. Res. Develop., 41, 3, May 1997, 233-264
C++ Gets Faster for Scientific Computing - Arch D. Robison, KAI
C++ Programming for Scientists - Roldan Pozo and Karin Remington
Comparison Between F and Java - Imagine1
Creating FORTRAN DLLs for Use in GAUSS for Windows 95/NT - Paul Söderlind 
Digital Technical Journal Articles (Selected) - Various Topics Related to Fortran in General and Digital Fortran Products
Efficient Multiple-Precision Evaluation of Elementary Functions - Dr. David M. Smith, Mathematics Department, Loyola Marymount University
Faster Numerical Algorithms via Exception Handling - Xiaoye S. Li and James W. Demmel (Compressed Postscript)
FortranPlus User's Guide - N.A.Software Ltd.
Fortran Specific Articles at the Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library (NCSTRL)
GlobSol - A method of processing code lists to circumvent run-time interpretation is presented by George F. Corliss and R. Baker Kearfott 
How Fast is your Java for Number Crunching? - On the SciMark Benchmark by Roldan Pozo (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
IEEE Floating Point Exceptions
Is Scientific Software Accurate? - Les Hatton, Programming Research Ltd, John Rice, Purdue University
Is the Quality of Numerical Subroutine Code Improving? - Tim Hopkins, University of Kent Computing Laboratory 
McCabe's Metric Applied to Fortran High Performance Computing - L. Gasser
Multiple Precision Complex Arithmetic and Functions - Dr. David M. Smith, Mathematics Department, Loyola Marymount University
My Programming Style - Lucio Chiappetti 
Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library (NCSTRL) - Search Engine of Technical Publications
Obfuscated C - Steve Miller
Obfuscated C++ - Rob Murray, Director, Engineering at the Irvine office of Net Explorer, via the C Report.
Oscillatory Integration - A comentary on methods of highly oscillatory numerical integration.  Ulf T. Ehrenmark, Department CISM, London Guildhall University.  Associated Code
Programming Multigrid in Fortran 90 - Thor Gjesdal, Christian Michelsen Research AS - Describes a simple one-dimensional multigrid Poisson solver in order to illustrate some of the new features of Fortran90, and how they can be used in multigrid methods (Compressed Postscript).  Software Repository
Repository of Articles/Papers by John R. Rice at Purdue
Review of F/ELF90 - Computers in Physics
Scientific Computing with Python - Konrad Hinsen
SQLJ:  Embedded SQL for Java - Oracle
Taming the GUI Dragon (with ClearWin+) - Salford Software
Technical Reports - Computer Science Research Center, Ecole des Mines de Paris
Technical Reports - in French - INRIA (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control)
The Design of a Portable Scientific Tool:  A Case Study Using SnB - Steven M. Gallo, Russ Miller (State University of New York at Buffalo Department of Computer Science), Charles M. Weeks (Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute) 
The Perils of Floating Point - Bruce M. Bush (Lahey Computer Systems)
X-Windows/Motif in Fortran

Object Oriented Analysis, Design, Programming [Top]
Blitz++ - Todd Veldhuizen
Comparison of Object Oriented Programming Languages - Robert Henderson, Benjamin Zorn (postscript)
Computational Steering -  (object-oriented scripting and the Software Wrapper and Interface Generator (SWIG)) - Beezley and Lomdahl
C++??:  A Critique of C++ and Programming and Language Trends of the 1990s - Ian Joyner
Effects of Prefetching of Objects on Execution Time for Object-Oriented Fortran Programs - Mississippi State University
Efficient Management of Parallelism in Object-oriented Numerical Software Libraries - Argonne National Laboratory (Compressed Postscript)
Expressing Object-Oriented Concepts in Fortran 90 - Decyk, Norton, Szymanski
Fortran 2K OOP Issues - Dr. W. W. Schulz
High Performance Object Oriented Programming in Fortran 90 - Decyk, Norton, Szymanski (web site splash)
Mistakes in Fortran 90 Programs That Might Surprise You - Decyk, Norton, Szymanski
Numerical Analysis Using Non-procedural Paradigms - Stephen J. Sullivan and Benjamin G. Zorn (Postscript)
Object Based Programming in Fortran 90 - Paul Dubois, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (TAR)
Object Oriented Articles on the Net
Object Oriented Concepts for Fortran Users - Decyk, Norton, Szymanski
Object Oriented Fortran - Mississippi State University
Object Oriented Methods for Numerical Computing - Various Papers, Library for Scientific Computing, Notre Dame
Object Oriented Programming in Fortran 90 - Jeff Bryson
Object Oriented Resources
On Templates 1 - Alex Stepanov
On Templates 2 - Alex Stepanov
Overview of Iterative Linear System Solver Packages - Victor Eijkhout via Netlib
Performance Comparisons in Object Oriented Programming - Decyk, Norton, Szymanski
Programming Language Critiques - Steven D. Majewski, University of Virginia 
The Abstraction Penalty for Small Objects in C++ - KAI
Translation of C++ Primer "ZooAnimal" class to Fortran 90 - Decyk, Norton, Szymanski
Encapsulation, Inheritance and the Platypus effect - Why I'm no longer an OO fanatic: an essay on some of the pitfalls of object-oriented programming.  Talin (aka David Joiner).


Parallel Programming/Processing [Top]
A Compilation System That Integrates High Performance Fortran and Fortran M - Argonne National Laboratory (Compressed Postscript)
A High-Performance, Portable Implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) Standard - Argonne National Laboratory (Compressed Postscript)
An Interface for Efficient Vector Scatters and Gathers on Parallel Machines - Argonne National Laboratory
An Introduction to Performance Debugging for Parallel Computers - Argonne National Laboratory (Compressed Postscript)
BSPLIB - A Proposal for a Standard Library for Bulk Synchronous Parallel Programming
Co-Array Fortran for Parallel Programming - Robert W. Numrich and John Reid (GZIP Compressed Postscript) - Abstract - Co-Array  Fortran Web Site
Designing and Building Parallel Programs - Ian Foster (Web Site Associated with Book of Same Name)
Evaluations of HPF for Practical Scientific Algorithms on T3E - Chris H. Q. Ding (Postcript)
Fortran M Language Definition - Argonne National Laboratory (Compressed Postscript)
High Performance Fortran - Adaptor Website Collection
High Performance Fortran - Northeast Parallel Architectures Center
High Performance Fortran and Fortran M - Argonne National Laboratory
High Performance Networking and Computing Conference - Archives of Past Conference Technical Papers
HPF/JA:  An HPF Extension for Real-World Scientific Applications - Japan Association of High Performance Fortran Extensions to the Evolving HPF Standard
Message-Passing Tools for Structured Grid Communications - An MPI-based library intended to simplify coding of data exchange within the FORTRAN 77 codes performing data transfers on distributed Cartesian grids
MPI as a Coordination Layer for Communicating HPF Tasks - Argonne National Laboratory (Compressed Postscript)
On Parallel Scientific Computing Using Networked PCs and Workstations - Beowulf (Various Articles in Postscript and HTML Format)
On the Message Passing Interface - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (David W. Walker, Various Articles in Postscript and HTML Format)
OPEN MP Web Site - An Application Program Interface (API) that supports multi-platform shared-memory programming on Unix platforms and Microsoft Windows NT architectures
Parallel Numerical Algorithm Papers - NASA Langley Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering (ICASE)
P4 Parallel Programming System - Ewing Lusk (Argonne National Laboratory)
Programming in Fortran M - Argonne National Laboratory (Compressed Postscript)
PVM Guide - On using the Parallel Virtual Machine - Clay Breshears, University of Tennessee
Stanford University SUIF Compiler Project on Parallel Programming
The Impact of HPF Data Layout on the Design of Efficient and Maintainable Parallel Linear Algebra Libraries - Argonne National Laboratory (Compressed Postscript)

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