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Axian - Software Consulting and Training Including Fortran 90 and HPF
Cranfield University - Provides 3 and 5 day programming courses on Fortran 95 and a new 2 day introduction to the Fortran 2003 language.
Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center - Course Materials for Several Courses on Fortran and Scientific Computing
Garnatz and Grovender, Inc. - Fortran General
Lahey Computer Systems - Fortran General/Lahey Fortran
Manchester and North High Performance Computing Training & Education Center - A Conversion Course for FORTRAN 77 Programmers
Michael Metcalf's Fortran 90 CNL Articles - CERN
Pacific Sierra Research - Efficient Fortran 90 Programming
Programming Tutorials - Tutorials for everything except Fortran (and REXX)
Purple Sage Computing Solutions - Software, Workshops and Consulting Services for the High Performance Numerical Computing Community
Salford Software - "Hands-On" C Programming With An Introduction To C++, C++ programming, Fortran 95 Programming, Fortran 77 Programming, Windows Application Development Using ClearWin+
Simulog - Fortran General
The Fortran Company (formerly Unicomp) Fortran Market - Fortran General/Digital Visual Fortran
University of Liverpool - F90 and HPF

Online Tutorials
Advanced Windows 95/98/NT Applications Programming With FORTRAN - Vladimir V. Vasilchenko
A Course on Fortran 90: Migrating from FORTRAN 77 to Object-Based Fortran Programming - CRS4 
A General Overview of Fortran 90 - NASA training course relative to Cray F90.
A Tutorial for HPF - Chris Ding (Postscript)
Course on Fortran 90 - Dr. C. K. Shene (Michigan Technological University)
C++/Fortran Mixed-language Calling - Carsten Arnholm
Fortran 90 Course Material - University of Liverpool
Fortran 90 Programming - Dr. A C Marshall (University of Liverpool)
Fortran Tutorial -   A quick introduction to the most common features of the Fortran 77 programming language (not a complete course/reference).  Erik Boman, Stanford University.
Giuseppe Ciaburro Fortran Resources and tutorials - learn basic programming languages (MATLAB, FORTRAN 90, TURBOPASCAL, C/C++, PERL, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT) and work with software for numerical simulation.
High Performance Computing with Fortran 90 (VT 97) - Sverker Holmgren, Department of Scientific Computing, Uppsala University 
Introduction to F - Harvey Gould
Introductory Course to Scientific Computation using Fortran 90 and Advanced Course - Alexander Donev, Michigan State University
Introduction to Fortran 90 - This course is designed for beginning programmers who have little or no experience of computer programming and wish to take
advantage of the new Fortran Standard (Fortran 90). Programmers experienced in using Fortran 77 or other programming languages will also find it contains useful material.  The material is based on a course developed jointly by: 
  • the HPC Training and Education centre, the University of Wales College at Cardiff 
  • the Parallel Computer Centre, Queen's University of Belfast 
  • SEL-HPC: the London and South-East centre for High Performance Computing
Introduction to Fortran 90 Intrinsic Functions - NASA training course relative to Cray F90.  This training is applicable to most Fortran 90 programmers, but geared to the users of von Neumann(NAS), Eagle(ACSF), and Newton(ACSF & NAS).
Message Passing Interface, Parallel Virtual Machine, High Performance Computing Course Materials - London & South East Center for High Performance Computing
Migrating to Fortran 95 - Purple Sage Computing Solutions
Object Oriented Scientific Programming - Uppsala University
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/VISTA Application Programming - Vladimir V. Vasilchenko
OpenGL Tutorial With Fortran (CVF) - OpenGL tutorials originally written by NeHe Productions and were converted to Digital/Compac Visual Fortran by Jean-Philippe.Perois
Symmetric Multiprocessing - Russell K. Standish, New South Wales Centre for Parallel Computing (gzip postscript)
SP Parallel Programming Workshop - Maui High Performance Computing Center

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