EZCONSOLE Version 0.2 is a set of simple procedures for interfacing with the console window on Windows from Fortran.  Fifteen routines are provided and are summarized in the associated interface definition.  The document is stored as PDF and is included in the zip file stored here:


You will also require the following file:


Feedback as to the usefulness of this set of utilities is solicited.

The console utilities can be intermixed with Fortran read/write statements in some compiler systems, but not others.  Intermixing is not recommended.  Fifteen procedures are provided in version 0.2 providing all basic control.  Not provided is the ability to create and control additional screen buffers or mouse position.  Single data key (hot keys) can be read by disabling "line" mode behaviour and issuing a console read.  This facility waits for a character to be entered.  No "peek" facility or function key read facility is provided in this version.  The ability to control the size of the console window is likewise not implemented in this version nor the ability to perform attribute fills.

Routines are provided as a DLL and associated import library, created with CVF 6.6C using project options tailored for each target compiler.  Presently, two libraries are provided, one compatible with CVF 6.6C defaults and one compatible with MS FPS 4.0 defaults.