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Company Hardware OS:CompilerType*
Absoft Corporation Intel x86, Mac/PPC MacOS:B, XDOS:B, Win32s:B, Win32:B, Linux:B
Amdahl (Fujitsu) Millenium 700/800 UTS (OS/390 Compatible UNIX):A
Associated Computer Experts SPARC, Intel x86 Solaris:CF, HP-UX:CY, Linux:CY, NT:CY
Apogee SPARC SunOS:B, Solaris:B
Compaq/Intel Intel x86, Alpha, VAX Win32:C, UNIXAlpha:C, VMSAlpha:C, VMSVAX:C, LinuxAlpha:C
Concurrent Computer Corporation Nighthawk, PowerX, MAXION, 3200, Harris "H", Mediahawk PowerMAX:A, VOS:AZ, MAXION/OS:A, CX/UX:A, OS/32:A
Connection Machines (Gores)
Cray Research SV1 (MSP), T3E, T90, J90, Origin 2000 UNICOS:C, UNICOS/mk:C
Data General Aviion (Intel x86), ECLIPSE MV DG/UX EPC:A, DG/UX GHS:A, AOS/VS:A
Edison Design Group NA NA:AY
Edinburgh Portable Compilers (discontinued) Intel x86, DG, Fujitsu-ICL, NEC, Sequent, Siemens Nixdorf-Pyramid, SGI, Sun, Unisys, Tandem, HP Win32 (NT4):BZ, UNIX:BZ
Fortner Software
Fortran Company - F Intel x86, Mac, all major UNIX platforms XDOS:S, Win16:S, Win32s:S, Win32:S, Linux:S, UNIX:S, MacOS:S
Fujitsu SPARC V7, V8, V8+, X86 SunOS:B, Solaris:B, SPARC64/OS:B, Linux:C
GNU (G77) & GCC x86,all major UNIX platforms (GNU/Hurd, GNU/Linux, ACIS, AIX, AOS,
BSD, Clix, Concentrix, DG/UX, Dynix, FreeBSD, Genix, HP/UX, Irix, ISC, Luna, Lynx-OS, Minix, NetBSD, NeWS-OS, NeXT-Step, OS/2, OSF, OSF-Rose, RTEMS, RISC OS, SCO, SINIX, Solaris 2, SunOS 4, System/370,  SysV, Ultrix, Unos, VMS, VxWorks, Windows 95, Windows NT):AF 
Green Hills Software SPARC, Alpha, Aviion (x86) SunOS:A, Solaris:A, AXP/OSF1:A, DGUX:A, HP-UX:B, Numerous Embedded:A 
Hewlett Packard HP B, C, J, Kayak x86, HP9000, PA-RISC, IA-64 HP-UX:C
Intel x86 (IA-32), Itanium (IA-64) DOS:AZ, Win16:AZ, Win32s:AZ, Win32:CP, Win64:CP, Linux32:CP, Linux64:CP
Intelligent Interfaces Intel StrongArm RISCOS:A
International Business Machines RS/6000, S/390, Intel x86 AIX:C, OS/390:A, VM:A, MVS:A, DOS:AZ
Lahey Computer Systems (now sold through Polyhedron (F95=Lahey/Fujitsu) Intel x86 XDOS:C, Win16:A, Win32s:C, Win32:C, Linux:S
LinuxLand International SNI product:  x86, MIPS "RM" Series Linux:A
Microsoft(discontinued) Intel x86 DOS:AZ, XDOS:AZ, Win16:AZ, Win32:BZ, OS2:AZ
Microway (discontinued) Intel x86, I860, Alpha, SPARC XDOS:B, Win16:A, Win32:A, OS/2:B, Solaris:A, Coherent:A, Linux:A
NASoftware Intel x86, PPC, SPARC DOS:A, Win16:A, Win32s:A, Win32:C, Linux:C, OS/2:CZ (OS/2 support under version 1.0 only), PowerPC (Linux/NT beta):C, Solaris (beta):C
Numerical Algorithms Group Intel x86, OS/390, Alpha, HP9000, RS6000, SGI, SPARC, Apollo Domain, FreeBSD, Next Win16:B, Win32s:B, Win32:B, OS/390:B, DEC Unix:C, HP-UX:C, AIX:C, Linux (Alpha, x86):C, IRIX:C, SUNOS:C, Solaris:C
Pacific Sierra Research  x86, RS/6000, SP2, Alpha, SPARC, SGI, HP B/C/J/9000 Linux:BY, Win32:BY, AIX:BY, DEC Unix:BY, Solaris:BY, Irix:BY, HP-UX:BY
Portland Group x86, x64 (AMD64 and IA32 w/ EM64T)

Cray XD1, XT3, XT4, IBM Cluster 1350, Intel-based Macintosh
and single and multi-core Opteron and Xeon processor based
workstations, blades, servers and clusters from HP, Dell, Sun, SGI, etc. 

Formerly: Cray T3E, T3D, PVP, SGI Origin, IBM SP2, HP Exemplar, Fujitsu AP3000, Sun Ultra, Enterprise, RS6000, x86, I860

Win32:CP, Win64:CP, Linux32:CP, Linux64:CP, Mac OS X:CP 

Formerly:  HP-UX:A, AIX:A, UNICOS:A, Win32 (NT):A, Solaris:B, Linux:B

PROMULA Development Corporation Mac, x86, RS6000, SGI, HP9000, DG Aviion, SPARC, Alpha, DecStation, DecSystem AIX, MacOS, XDOS, OS/2, Win32:AY, Linux:AY, UNIX:AY, IRIS:AY
Prospero Software Intel x86 DOS:A, XDOS:A, OS/2V1:A
Salford Software (now sold through Silverfrost) Intel x86 Win16:A, Win32s:C, Win32:C
Sanderson Computing Intel x86 DOS:A (subset, 16-bit)
Siemens Nixdorf Model C, S, SR, Various Legacy Systems, VPP BS2000/OSD:B, UXP/V:B
Silicon Graphics Incorporated (SGI) SGI IRIX:B
Silverfrost Intel x86 Win16:A, Win32s:C, Win32:C, .NET
Sun Microsystems SPARC, x86, AMD64 Solaris:C, Linux:C, SUNOS:BZ
Unisys Computer Systems Clearpath HMP IX,  NX, "A", 2200/3800, X86 MCP:A, OS2200:A, Win32 (NT):A, UNIX:A
Watcom (PowerSoft, Sybase, SciTech) (discontinued but now open sourced with some continued development) Intel x86 DOS16:A, DOS32:A, Win16:A, Win32s:A, Win32:A, OS/2:A, Linux:A (at upcoming V2.0)


Compiler Type (* - Latest Standard Supported)

A=F77, B=F90, C=F95, D=F2k3, E=F2k8,  S=Subset/Superset, Y=Front End/Translator/Preprocessor,P=Proprietary (non-HPF) Parellelizing Superset,Z=Discontinued.

Identification of compiler type for eachOS supported does not necessarily imply multiple products.  This is intended to list available or recently available products.  This does not imply that you can still get a product or that the companywill talk to you about a discontinued product.

Some products are officially discontinued, but you can still get them for an arm or a leg and a convincing sobstory.  Some offering F90 or F95 continue to offer F77-only products as well (sometimes bundled, sometimes not).

The product mix of each listed company changes periodically.  Consult the vendor's web page for the most up-to-date information.

Definition of Terms

WIN32S - If an application restricts Windows API calls to the "subset" then it will be assured to be compatible with Windows 3.1 as well as Windows 95.  This is intended to mean that the vendor actually ships Win32s DLLs with the product and tests that it is functional with the DLLs.

WIN32 - Refers to a 32-bit processor (word size) running Microsoft Windows OS (x86/IA-32)
WIN64 - Refers to a 64-bit processor running Microsoft Windows OS (IA-64)
Linux32 - Refers to a 32-bit processor running any version of the Linux OS (IA-32)
Linux64 - Refers to a 64-bit processor running any version of the Linux OS (IA-64)
LinuxAlpha - Refers to an Alpha processor running any version of the Linux OS (Alpha)

XDOS - Extended DOS (MSDOS, PCDOS, DRDOS, etc.) via PHAR LAP or similar product.

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